Module: Understanding and Preparing for Colonoscopy
Animation - What is a colonoscopy and how do I prepare for it?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that lets your doctor look inside your colon and rectum for problems such as ulcers, inflammation, bleeding, polyps and tumors. Depending on your age and your circumstances, your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy to examine your colon health, as well as to screen for colon cancer and remove polyps. Watch this animation to also learn about the anatomy and function of your colon, and the importance of properly preparing your colon for a colonoscopy.

Module: Screening and Diagnosis
Animation - When should I get a colonoscopy and what do the results mean?

A colonoscopy is a procedure that makes it very easy for your doctor to screen your colon for colorectal cancer, which if found early, can be treated. Watch this animation to learn about the main reasons you should get a colonoscopy and at what age you should get one. This animation will also explain the risk factors that increase your chances of getting colorectal cancer and how these factors can affect how often you need to get screened.

Module: During and After Colonoscopy
Animation - What happens during and after a colonoscopy?

A colonoscope is the special tool used to perform a colonoscopy. It is a thin, flexible, tubular ‘telescope’ with a light and video camera that your doctor carefully guides through your colon in order to see and determine the health of your colon. Watch this animation to learn about the features of the colonoscope, how the colonoscopy procedure is performed and how polyps are removed, and the follow-up care you and your doctor should talk about after your procedure.